Hello, I'm Dominika, a Finnish abstract artist residing in the picturesque landscape of Luxembourg. My work, a vibrant tableau of abstract art, has made its way into numerous homes around the world, adding a dash of brightness to every space it inhabits.

Dominika Montonen-Koivisto with her paintings

Art to me is not just an expression, but a connection - a thread that ties me to the world and the emotions that inhabit it. It's a dialogue I engage in, a narrative I build, piece by piece, color by color. Each brushstroke brings me closer to the essence of my being, letting me tap into a world of creativity that liberates my spirit and sets my imagination alight.

The joy I experience while creating art is ineffable. It's a journey of discovery and transformation, an exploration of the unseen and the unexpressed. My canvas mirrors the world as I see it - full of vibrant hues, stark contrasts, and poetic chaos. It is in these moments of creation that I feel most alive, most connected to the universe.

And in this process of creation, I've found that art has a unique capacity to heal, inspire, and transform. It's this realization that drives me to share my passion and creativity with others, fostering a space for collective learning and growth through intimate, intuitive art workshops.

Join me in this journey of artistic expression, and let's uncover the beauty that resides within each stroke, each shape, each color. Together, let's breathe life into our visions and create art that tells a story - your story, my story, our story.