New Collection Is On Its Way!

I’ve been working on something new. New collection of dreamy contemporary abstract paintings, which is my first large série, including 20+ painting. From small to big size, with inspiring colours all the way from earthy and moody winter turning into bright, dreamy, pastels and colourful spring, with blossom petals (or snowflakes) flying through imaginary. 

This série has grown slowly, changed it mood few times and now it’s becoming one. It’s split into two, showing in two different places in beautiful city of Luxembourg. Could you imagine that 10 paintings were painted in less than a week? They’re now shown in a beautiful place, hotel INNSiDE by Melia and it’s hall and 4 different floors.

Second part will be released 14.5 at the Modu Shop. 

This collection is very special to me, as I’m a daydreamer, my imagination takes me to special places. Daydreaming is my creative base, intuitive approach to my art.
Hope you will be sharing my creative imagination, let me guide you through daydreaming and imaginings of springs. 

I’ll reveal more soon! Stay tuned!




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