How Art Journaling Became My Favorite Daily Break

Few years ago I've picked up a new habit that fits so easily into any part of my day: art journaling. It's really straightforward—all you need is a pencil and a notebook. Here's why I think it's such a great addition to any routine, whether you're a morning person or someone who finds a moment during lunch!

Super Simple to Start

You really don’t need much to get going with art journaling. Any notebook and just a pencil. That's it! There's no pressure to create a masterpiece. It's all about letting your thoughts flow freely on paper.

Flexibility in My Day

What I love about art journaling is how flexible it is. I can fit it into any part of my day, not just at night. Sometimes I spend a few minutes with my journal in the morning to set a positive tone for the day. Other times, if my day gets hectic, I'll take a quick break to doodle, sketch or write, which really helps me reset and relax.

My Weekly Prompts

To keep things interesting, I’ve started creating weekly prompts for my journal. It's a fun way to challenge myself and keep my entries diverse. These prompts range from sketching something I’m grateful for, to writing down my current favorite song and drawing something it makes me think of. This little twist keeps my journaling fresh and exciting.

A Calmer, More Creative Me

Incorporating art journaling into my daily routine has surprisingly made me feel calmer and more creative throughout the day. It’s like I've found a secret little escape that helps me manage stress and organize my thoughts, all while doing something fun and creative. My kids also love to journal and it has become our daily routine which they are craving for.

Why Not Give It a Try?

If you’re thinking about adding something new to your daily routine, why not try art journaling? It's easy, flexible, and you might find yourself enjoying those few minutes of peace and creativity more than you expected. Grab a pencil and a notebook, and start exploring your thoughts in one of the simplest, most enjoyable ways!

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